30 amps Amplifier installation.

May 20, 2016
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Jose Nataren Antonio asked 8 years ago

Hi.  I want to install an amplifier with low amperage consumption 30 amps, but it requieres minimun 8 gauge wire. So, this is my question…Can i use 2 fuse taps in diferent slots (parallel) with 15 amp fuse each to power my amplifier? BTW.. i´ts a behind the dashboard mini amp.  

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admin Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi using 2 fuse taps from different slots in parallel is not recommended.  As if one fuse blows, it’ll blow the other fuses in parallel, it may damage the AMP as well.  Better option is using a Fuse Holder with 30A Fuse going Directly into your amp, the amp should have ignition/relay to turn on when the car is in ACC/ON position. This ignition/relay draws less then 1amp current, so you can easily attached to a ignition lead from fuse block with the fuse tap. -Mike